Peace Maples Along the Tomoe River
1st Place Winner Pictorial Wall Quilt, American Quilters Society, Paducah, KY
April 23, 2002

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Some 370 years ago in the Korankei region of Japan, a Buddhist priest began planting maple trees one by one while carefully reciting a prayer for peace and tranquility in the land. Today these trees are known as "Peace Maples." In August of 2000 we were privileged to walk along the Tomoe River and to behold these glorious ancient trees, accented by the magnificent Taigetu bridge, and watched over by towering pines that swept the sky. The shallow river revealed its rocky bottom with swirling pools and eddies. One lone fisherman clad in peculiar Japanese fishing attire skillfully balanced his long bamboo pole while standing mid-calf in the river. The challenge of capturing this pastoral autumn scene in fiber was both daunting and compelling.

This original design was machine appliqued and quilted with free motion techniques. The fabrics used include my own original hand-dyed, over-dyed, and painted pieces. I also included beautiful fabrics obtained from Mickey Lawler of Skydyes, the Sanders of Leonine Enterprises, Cherie St. Cyr, Laura Wasilowski, and Sharon Leuring.

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